Married Late, but Worth the Wait

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Prior to dating Natasha, Darrell was in a long-term relationship. He and his then girlfriend had planned to get married six months into the four years they were together, but to Darrell, it just never felt right.  After time reading the Word, he realized he no longer had the same love for her.  That resulted in him cutting off the relationship, 30 days before they were finally to marry.

During the same time in his life, he felt that, in order to progress in a lot of areas, he needed to also release his then church home.  He followed his heart, left his church that he had gone to his entire life, and God directed him to a church in a small town in Indiana called Kingsford Heights.

Natasha was a member at this church in Kingsford Heights. After a while, she caught his eye.  He then began asking around to get a feel of what kind of person she was. Yet because of his recent relationship, he was a bit skeptical so he did not pursue  her.

Time passed and there was another guy visiting the church because of his interest in Natasha.  Once Darrell saw this, his adrenaline kicked in and he said to himself, “Although I’m taking it easy before making my move, she is mine and you aint gone take her from me.”

Darrell stepped up, and approximately ten months after first attending his new church home, he asked Natasha if he could take her out for her birthday.

tash date

Before meeting Darrell, Natasha had dated guys who always seemed to fall short of what she desired in her heart. She often felt like the “rebound girl.” She had gotten to the point where she told God she was tired and was totally giving this man thing to Him.

During that time, the other gentleman who Darrell saw pursuing her, was making his move. He was an older guy.  She was a homeowner and had a leak that he came out to fix for her.  At this point in life, her mindset was, “forget about love and being attracted. If I can get a guy who can fix stuff around the house and on the car, that will work for me.”  Natasha, being an older (late thirties) single woman, was just ready for someone to help and look out for her. “Forget about dinner and a movie” she said to herself.  She was at the point where she was willing to settle.

tash and darrell kissing

She later learned that “Mr. Fix-it” was married. At this point, she thought, “Wow! Okay God, I guess this is just how my life is gonna be – I will never have anyone who is gonna be completely mine, this is it, at least he can fix my house.”

It was after that when Darrell spoke up.  They went out for her birthday; afterwards she went home and thought to herself that it was not going to work.  Why not? Because he was such a nice guy, she wondered if he was too nice. She then realized how sad it is that women are so often not treated well, that they take for granted nice guys who do treat them as a woman should be treated. She decided to stay with it and she is glad she did!

He lived an hour away and would come out weekly to mow her grass, he would insist on driving to pick her up so that she wouldn’t have to drive to his family holiday events (yes, two hours driving round trip that he would make twice in the day), when she was willing to at least meet him halfway.  Talk about having someone who would be there for her!

Although having wanted help, being the independent woman she had become accustomed to being, Natasha still had to learn to let go. She learned to allow Darrell to be there for her and treat her like a lady.  He wouldn’t allow her to pay for anything. And if she ever wanted anything, for him, it was never too much.

They tied the knot!

Their progress might have been slow meeting each other, but that day did come!  Four months after their first date, they got engaged. Six and a half months later, they were married!  God preserved them completely in the area of sexual purity during this time, and they are a testament that it can be done!  Darrell is ten years Natasha’s junior, which is another thing that was different to Natasha.  They have no doubt, this is exactly as God intended it to be.

Close to five years later…

natasha family current

Darrell and Natasha are still very happy! God blessed them with two beautiful children, a daughter Gabby who is almost four years old and their baby boy Joshua, who is two. Darrell is still the same man who she dated. He still helps to lift the load.  He has always kept her family at the forefront, and nothing costs too much to him for her. After four years of marriage, he upgraded her wedding ring to four carats!

They had heard often that in their first year of marriage, couples usually contemplate divorce. Darrell and Natasha are glad to say that was not their experience!  While they acknowledge that everyday is not a rainbow, they are blessed to never have had a time they wished they could turn back the hands of time. They are both very glad about their decision.

Natasha’s final word to singles

Natasha encourages other singles to remember this: “We have always been told delay is not denial.  I don’t believe it was truly a delay, as much as it just was not yet the timing of God.”  She absolutely believes Darrell is her purposed mate sent from God. Yet, she really desired to be married at the age of 23, but Darrell would have only been 13 at the time. God developed them over time until they were both old enough and mature enough for the beautiful life they now share.  He knows the plans He has for us, and His timing is perfect!

I think it is so awesome to see real life, honest stories that were not so pleasant before the very pleasant came along. I am delighted to bring encouragement by sharing these stories. We all have stories, hard times and the temptation to settle. Just don’t do it! Wait on God, even if you feel like you’re marrying late, trust the God who will make it worth the wait!

If you know of other inspiring stories of those preferably 28 and older, that waited on God for their mates, and fought to maintain sexual purity (even if they fell and got back up) in the relationship before marriage, please email their contact information and highlights of their story to Rhodonna at for consideration in a similar write-up.

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  1. Jonathan June 8, 2018 / 10:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experience and testimony


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